Monday, September 5, 2011


Okay the other night I made dinner and didn't share with you what I made.  I didn't want to tease anyone with the food because I wasn't planning on sharing the recipe.  I made manicotti with homemade sauce (I have never shared this recipe) which leads me into tonight's dinner.

I had some tomato puree and some ricotta cheese that I didn't use all of for the dish the other night.  So I decided I wanted to use the leftovers so that it wouldn't go to waste.

I took some italian sausage links that I sliced before cooking.  I cooked the sausage until done and then added the puree to the same pan along with fresh garlic and a number of spices to give it flavor.  I bought the other day at the store some potato and basil gnocchi, so I cooked it according to the instructions and then once cooked I added it to the sausage, tomato mixture.  I then stirred in the ricotta cheese and cooked until warm.

I also made a small tossed salad to go with dinner and some leftover garlic bread.

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