Saturday, August 27, 2011

Bratwurst on a bun and more!

I was at the grocery store today and was trying to figure out what to cook for dinner.  Since I hadn't thawed anything I had to figure out something.  I picked up a package of Boars Head Bratwurst and then a couple of red and green peppers.

I decided to cook the bratwurst on the grill.

I also cooked a mixture of sliced onion, green bell pepper and a red bell pepper.  I added a olive oil and then added it to a cast iron pan that was then cooked on the grill.  I cooked the pepper and onion mixture until the vegetables were soft.

Took the grilled bratwurst and added it to a bakery style hot dog bun.  Spread the inside of the bun with a Spicey Mustard from Schmidt's from German Village, Ohio.  On occasion we order knockwurst from them and get their mustard, which is wonderful.  I then added the bratwurst and then the pepper and onion mixture.

To add to the meal we had corn on the cob and a small salad of romaine.

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