Sunday, June 26, 2011

Grilled Swordfish

For this evenings dinner I have chosen swordfish as the main part of the meal.  I knew I wanted to grill it but was trying to figure out what to do with it, so I decided that marinating the fish would be a good start. 

For the marinade:
juice of fresh lime (I may have used a lemon if I had one)
extra virgin olive oil
fresh ground pepper
I also used some Thai basil (I had some that a friend gave me) chopped
Just combine everything and put over fish

Swordfish cooking on the grill

The rest of dinner:

Grilled red new potatoes.  Just wash, slice and place in a foil packet with butter.  Cook on grill for about 20 minutes.  
Foil packet of potatoes

Grilled asparagus.  We use a flat cast iron skillet which we place on the grill to heat up.  Add a little oil and then cool slightly.  We have a lemon pepper oil that we like to use.  We like our asparagus crunchy, so we don't cook it very long.

Asparagus almost ready

 Everything cooking on the grill

The potatoes all done

The finished dinner

One thing I have failed to mention in my previous posts is that we compost all of our vegetable scraps.  We have a NatureMill composter.  It is great because it fits in a small space (we keep ours in the garage and have a compost pail in the kitchen).  What also makes it nice is that you don't have to have a compost pile outside.  The machine is nice because it keeps it warm and makes great dirt, which we then use in the yard.


  1. That looks wonderful Sue! I just ate dinner and it's still making me drool :D

  2. Thank you Lonne! Sorry to make you hungry! :-)