Thursday, December 5, 2013

Hot Ham Sandwiches

We have another pot luck dinner to go to tonight.  I thought about making the meatballs again from the other night but thought better of it.  I wanted something simple and easy.  I have made this recipe in the past and people love it.  The original recipe calls for the use of apple juice, since I am allergic I substituted pineapple juice.  The original recipe also actually calls for sugar, which we no longer use in this house.  I converted the recipe using honey and molasses. Serve this with or without buns, hawaiian sweet rolls are a favorite.

This recipe is close to being paleo but not quite.

Hot Ham Sandwiches
12 Servings
3 pounds thinly sliced uncured deli ham (about 40 slices)
2 cups pineapple juice
2/3 cup honey
1 tablespoon molasses
1/2 cup sweet pickle relish
2 teaspoons prepared yellow mustard
1 teaspoon paprika
Separate ham slices and place in a 3 quart slow cooker.  In a bowl combine the pineapple juice, honey, molasses, relish, mustard and paprika; mix.  Pour over ham.  Cover and cook on low 4-5 hours or until heated through.  Place 4-5 slices of ham on each roll with a little bit of juice.

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