Sunday, January 15, 2012

Breakfast Muffin Sandwich

This is my version of  a breakfast muffin sandwich.

Cook an egg in a small skillet.  To keep the egg round I use a small cookie cutter.  Spray the pan with a non stick spray and the cookie cutter.  Place the cookie cutter in the pan so that it warms up along with the pan.  Add the egg to the inside of the cookie cutter, don't touch it.  Let the egg cook until it looks like the top is about set.  Use a turner to turn over the egg along with the cookie cutter.  Remove the cookie cutter and cook the egg a little bit more.  You may have to adjust the heat as you are cooking so that your egg doesn't burn.

Add egg to a toasted English muffin.  Top with cheese (I used Swiss) and some thinly sliced ham.

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