Thursday, May 24, 2012

Philly Cheese Steak Subs

I was out running errands today and was trying to rack my brain as to what to make for dinner.  As I was driving around I thought about a philly cheese steak sub.  Now I do not make my subs like those in Philadelphia where the cheese steak was made famous, I do it my way!  We get a cut of meat from the local farm (Mountain Run Farm) called Philly Steak.  The beef is cut super thin so that it cooks really fast.  I cook the meat on a flat griddle type pan until it is done.

Here is what the sub consists of:
Sub bun warmed in oven
American Cheese Slices (this is what I had available that I bought from the deli)
Banana pepper slices
Sauteed green peppers and onions (slice the green peppers and onion and place in a skillet or pan and cook with some olive oil over medium high heat.  You want the peppers and onions to get soft and cooked)
Tomato Slices
Cooked beef

Place all ingredients in the sub bun.  Now just like all sandwiches it won't be perfect and it will fall apart on you as you eat it.  But like most great sandwiches they are messy.

Along with the sub we had some tater tots (called spud tots for the ones we buy) and a side salad.

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